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May 14, 2008

Why Royal Old Monks didn’t win?!

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Just imagine a similar situation for the Royal Old Monks had they won some games. Rahul Dravid, being the perfect student of the game and knowing well in advance of all this, wisely chose to not win continuous games for his side. Katrina giving a kiss would have been more than tempting for Dravid, but imagine Vijay Mallya on his hips – would have been disastrous 😳 😳 .

Hereby, salute Mr. Rock Solid Rahul Dravid for his Exxxtra Senselessry Perception

April 18, 2008

IPL – A Dream Start

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The perfect start to IPL, one which Pawar/Lalit Modi & the entire BCCI would have dreamt of. The opening ceremony went on really nice and the rope dance was really impressive, equally eye-grabbing was the fireworks.

Dravid won the toss and surprisingly put Kolkatta into bat. What one was to witness next was perhaps the best ever innings of power hitting. Mc Cullum hit 13 Sixes and scored 158 (highest ever in T20). SRK with his cheerleading squad of Arjun Rampal/Karan Johar (their cheerleading girls look so ugly and who wants to watch these guys – SRK, borrow the cheerleaders from Mallya 😈 ) had enough time to jump up and over the boundary lines. Katrina in to cheer BRC with the insistence of Mallya was left with nothing to cheer, LOL. Royal Challengers did not even bother to challenge the score and were dismissed for 82. Thank God the gorgeous cheerleaders from Bangalore cheered Kolkatta too giving enough reasons to watch the one-sided match.

IPL is here to stay. Also being in Singapore had its own advantages. Ad free telecast is any cricket lover’s dream and that’s what we got 😛 Wonderful experience and 43 more such days – I AM THRILLED is an understatement

January 31, 2007

KBC – Shahrukh or Big B – The Ugly Controversy

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Recently was going through a discussion on Shahrukh vs Amitabh’s KBC in Rediff and one comment caught my eye…. It goes like this “Shahrukh is using Insha Allah frequently on the show and he is promoting Islam!!” Totally taken back, I was shocked to see the penetration of religion (or should I say the misuse of it) into our day to day lives. I have now even doubts that this whole Amitabh vs Shahrukh is being perhaps perceived as a Hindu vs Muslim by many people.

Sincerely feel that a hero fanaticism like Rajini vs Kamal, Vijay vs Ajith, Shahrukh Vs Hrithik, Shahrukh vs Amitabh, Mammooty vs Mohanlal is any day better the Hindu/Muslim clash. Instead unfortunately, yet another one of Politician’s tricks to survive (Religion) seems to be flourishing day after day. Sigh……

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