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May 18, 2005

India to Progress?

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jus pondering over what Dilip and Yazad and Amit have been saying in their blogs on poverty and india going down in the statistics i cudnt resist starting this blog….
i had a few solutions to the issues which i feel are more important to the growth of our nation…. comments are welcome… .
1. Beggary.. this is the worse thing i have ever seen in india which cud easily bring down the level of respect foreigners have on us… go to any temple / or in train travel or for that matter most public places and you wouldn’t have to worry about being alone coz you would have atleast a dozen beggers to visit you every one minute….. give them something to eat and you get a disgusted look… money is what they want. not for their sake … but to give the people who is the head for their group…… begging is a business for most of them. Governments change, but nothing seems to be changing their state. You feel pity for those young children who are made to beg in an age where they should be playing (forget studying in a school) …
Now, can begging be made a crime… do that and the ruling party would go for a toss…. ofcourse you cant stop these people from doing so before giving them an alternative (ofcourse depends if they are ready to take up that alternative) … well a solution which i could think of is to build huts/houses for all of them in a government place and start utilising them for various works pending within the nation… give them some work to do… it can be cleaning the roads/cultivating crops and a huge number of jobs which is still suffering from lack of manpower… dont think most of them would complain with food / shelter and something to do through the day.. ofcourse not many would be happy to forego begging which is easy life without sweat shed… the government needs to take a decision on this and people get a way to live. There is no point in encouraging people to not work and live their life happily at the cost of the nation’s embarassment.
2. Cleaning the Country even before thinking about making India a better place i think the initiatives gotto start from the state level and the people in the group above can be used to clean each roads in the state and also a rule that garbage should not be thrown on the roads should be established. I failed to understand why is that not being incorporated in here… the only trouble i can think of is how to execute such a rule…. well as we see we have enough manpower to take care of this and we can even establish groups to ensure that people who dont follow the “no garbage” rule should be punished. After all its only in our country, people act with a fear to government laws and not on self conscience… otherwise we would not have stories of NRIs spitting on the roads the moment they land in India.
3. Traffic Awareness yet another place where government with some strict laws can bring a lot of change in the way people think and also how people react to laws. Most traffic signals are jumped depending on whether the traffic police is standing on the other side of the road or not. Our public show the fact that they need someone to be strict to them for them to follow the rules. Government can have cameras set up at signals to take pictures of people jumping the signals.. (one camera per 20-25 duplicate cameras) could solve the issue of budgets for the same also ……..
4. Corruption No words …. i am stuck dumb at thinking a solution for this .. coz right from the top administration it exists and there is no point in trying and correcting the bottom group with such a setup. Only a solution similar to Indian (Hindustani) movie of Shankar would be a possibility i suppose. Worrying factor is that even our people are ready to shed their money to get their work done in a normal (not faster) pace….
5. Auto trouble too small to be in this list but this is one pain for most middle class people. I have even considered buying a car coz of the trouble i have with these guys and their meters …. Why cant government raise their per meter rates and then ensure that the meters work fine …. they should get a device which should be able to tell if the meters have been tampered to … and public should be able to register a complaint if any auto is suspicious of tampering in their meters.
I jus wrote the list of stuff which came to my mind….. I know there are more than thousands of people out there who can increase this list and can have other and even better ideas/solutions to above issues…. you are welcome to post them….

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