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April 15, 2008

Kuruvi – Album on the way

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Kuruvi is all set to fly high. The expectations on the album are very high after the blockbuster album Gilli and the combination of Vijay/Dharani/Vidyasagar is going to be rocking. Going by the promo stills and news in the web, the songs should be all fast based and it would be very lucky if we get atleast one melody. I liked all songs in Gilli – but hope atleast one melody is IN since Vidyasagar gives very nice melodies. Also in the news is a song by Yogi B (Polladhavan ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ Fame) – so with all these factors my expectations are very high on this album. Gotto wait and see 😀

updated : Above is the CD image and looks like no intro song – yet to listen to the songs and would post a review after that. Songs should also be available for download pretty soon in the web as is the trend nowadays. Can’t wait to listen to the songs!!!


April 14, 2008


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No No – I didnt get a cake like this yet 😦

Lotsa hugs and kisses but no cake yet 😈 mmmmm, I looooooooove cakes

April 3, 2008

I’m not that innocent

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well dont let those looks fool you – the guy aint as innocent as he looks. Picture this – daily, he would wait anxiously till about 9:30 PM or so for my Mom to go to sleep (he sleeps in my mom’s room and he is scared to sleep alone 😛 ) and if the clock goes ticking beyond that, then he is pissed. How does he show it to us – well, he has a tray full of soft toys kept in the living room, so he goes near it with a growl and then picks a toy from there (and he has choices in that too, sometimes picks the wrong one and then with another growl throws this away and picks another) and then with a series of noises indicating his dissent, runs towards the bed room all along ensuring that my mom is following him. If she isn’t then he stares at us with a ‘now, what?’ face.

One of the best such incidents in the past was when I was instructing my Mom to keep away all his eatables/chews outside the bedroom coz he eats them thru the night. So she moved his chews and plate outside to the living room and was setting the bed ready. He stealthily came out of the bedroom towards the living room as though he was taking a stroll and then came slowly near the chews, took a couple of em and ran away as fast as he could into the room and promptly hid them on his bed. Gotto capture a video of that when he does something similar again!!

April 2, 2008

Back in Shape

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With some new found enthu to grow hair to match Remo/Dhoni etc my haircuts have been less off late – around 6 times for the past year or so in Singapore. And most of these visits have been an adventure. First time passed as a good one with a young guy doing a very good job on the hair cut. Satisfied with that I went to the same place second time around only to be faced by one old grandpa with no signs of the young guy who cut the first time. And my worse moment was yet to come. I told the grandpa to cut the hair to a minimum and to leave the hair at the back to a long distance and to jus trim it. He had ideas of his own and started cutting it and worse was he made it very very short and at the end had a statement to make ‘this only suits you’ — 😈
So having had that experience I decided to venture into a chinese territory with my head. Just after my office went in search of a good place nearby and found a stylish haircut salon. The guy inside looked like a wierdo – it was enuf warning signs which i didnt take and assumed him to be trendy and went in. I tol him that I need a haircut and sat down and he was cool enuf and started off with the job. After about 2-3 minutes of it, he started asking me in sign language on how long the hair should be cut, if am ok with this area etc – then only i realised that the guy didnt know english and only chinese 😦 well the rest of my haircut went on with me struggling to escape from there with a half decent hair and he trying his best to impress me with his work. That was when i decided to not go to a chinese place anymore, it was going to be only indian from now on.
so it was an indian shop in ‘little india’ the next time and well as always this was even worse than the rest. the guy was so drunk and was rude pushing my head to some random position as he feels and i felt like i was in thirupathi getting myself a free head shave. the trouble with such haircuts is that you cant even getup half way through. after all this i should have had the common sense and did the stuff on my own, but bein more of the adventorous kind, i went to the hair stylist lady in our vicinity. as it turned out she was also one chinese person and though it was not as bad as the previous times I was left wondering where I should have my next haircut.

And when yesterday was one of the days i decided to get it done again I was perplexed and scared at the same time of finding a good place to go. A long walk in the little india road showed me a couple of places and none of which impressed. Atlast one good looking place was there and I entered it – jus after entering i realised that all the people sitting outside the place was like above 50 or so and the people inside (only few too) were like quite old. For a moment I decided to walk out and run for my life err hair – then decided against it. I did a great thing by not running away coz the grandpa who cut my hair did a fabulous job. He infact found it so difficult to get rid of the imprints my prev haircut adventures from my head. Background la sivaji movie ‘Deiva Magan’ was runnin on the TV – how matching to the situation LOL. Kudos to you – Long live the grandpa at New Star Hairdressing Saloon opp the Mariamman temple, Lil India 😛

Remake Theory

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I absolutely loved the Malayalam movie ‘Udhayanaanu Tharam’ by Srinivasan and Mohanlal and hence was eagerly looking forward to Vellithirai – its remake starring Prithviraj and Prakashraj. Was expecting a good movie since remakes in my mind are not the XEROX copies churned out Remake Ravi/Raja family – those guys shamelessly copy the same dresses/camera angles and what not from its original 😡 . But going by reviews/public response looks like Vellithirai did not live upto its original. One of the highlights in Malayalam was the subtle comedy/inferiority complex of the Prakashraj character played by Srinivasan (also the screenplay writer). After seeing some of the scenes in TV channels, looks like the Prakashraj character is changed as someone who has superiority complex or high confidence which IMO could be one of the reasons for the movie’s downfall. Am yet to catch the movie – gotto do maybe this weekend.

Another factor is that the Original had wonderful songs. In Tamil, music is by G V Prakash but only Uyirilae and to some extent Sooriyanai was above average. And it looks like Sooriyanai is also a shameless copy from an Australian song – More details at ITWOF site. With his Minnalgal Koothadum from Polladhavan also being a lift, am beginning to wonder if G V Prakash is going the right way. The kid usually comes up with wonderful melodies, would prefer him sticking to Original compositions. With Kuselan another remake from Malayalam with SS Rajini and coincidentally yet another script of Srinivasan coming up, hope he gives a smashing album.

April 1 huh?

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What’s the big deal on April 1 and making a fool of someone, huh? There was an article in msn stating Sachin tendulkar is retiring from Test cricket to make way for youngsters hoping for some guys to fall for the prank. I must say that the timing of that article was perfect with him being not available for the second test match and Kaif being roped into the team. There have been millions such pranks being played all over the world for sure – all in good fun and perhaps its a day to laugh at our foolishness.

well it was celebrated well by my mom who did make a big fool of myself too 😀

March 31, 2008

Hello World, says Jr :)

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Me back to blogging now and a change of ambience from blogspot to wordpress to coincide a change of ambience from a young guy to a father-to-be 😉

been jus a few days since we got back from the 22 wks scan for S and the baby is doin really really good – yup Jr on the way by Jul End 😎
it was really a great great feel to see our Jr push its legs and do all kinda dance shows up on the scan screen for us. the doc took all measurements for Jr and was satisfied putting a happy full stop to all our anxious moments. we got to hear the heartbeats plus the rush of blood from placenta to the baby and then saw the legs/spine/hands/face etc – whoa – heavenly feel!!!

November 8, 2007

ATM – Not a bad attempt

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jus back after seeing ATM -Its a vijay movie with lots of comedy + dance + wonderful songs. editing was crisp and movie moved quite fast in the first half. second vijay was not bad with the voice modulation and style etc. one more worthy mention is the fight sequence b/w both vijay’s. the songs choreography was very good for kelamal and ponmagal.

the intro fight plus the fight with bamboo during a chase etc was uncalled for. also the technical dept somehow seems to have messed up the scenes involving two vijay’s with each looking in some direction. Was expecting a lot of stuff for Valayapatti and ended up thinking why on earth ARR gave this song to this director. The supercool Marlyn Monroe also gone for a toss with the Mini elephant dance for that song

first half with comedy sequences and ESP etc set the pace for second half. second half with the villain vijay sequences laced in with comedy was too good. intro song dance + choreo was top class – too good, but somehow felt that the song and dance do not gel together. i personally liked the graphics usage (though amateurish) especially for the scene of ants carrying food. climax was on expected lines with not even 0% chance of vijay dying in the movie. that is the main drawback of the movie too with an abrupt ending and the villain deciding to be good and blah blah blah

the way vijay says, ‘evalavo panrom – idha panna maatoma’ is Coooooool

Plus :
Arr + Songs
Shreya (he he he)

Minus :
Intro fight + intro song arr voice (felt it didnt suit Vijay)
Lack of Solid Story

overall, its vijay all the way with no other characters having any considerable screen time. a entertainer for only vijay fans!!

October 30, 2007


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With the Songs already rocking the CHARTS Azhagiya Thamizh Magan would be releasing on November 8th Diwali day (eagerly looking forward to it). And being here is an added bonus since mostly I can see the movie a day before India

October 18, 2007

Is this also racism? Symonds? :-)

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