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October 18, 2007

Is this also racism? Symonds? :-)

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July 10, 2007

Sivaji & Rajini – yet another victim of Racism

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It is really pathetic that we Indians made such a big hungama about racism against Shilpa in UK and well did in the process make her very popular etc. But all we see is Racism in India itself. North vs South has been a constant fight and it was really pathetic to see such a blog post in the IBNLIVE’s website – Click here

The reason behind the post is very clear. Earlier post by his coworker, Anuradha had got some 1000 odd comments and ofcourse a hell lot of visitors into the site. So the author – sexy sam (god knows who gave his nick name, that too seeing his foto cant stop laughing) also tries to provoke the people into commenting by putting up such a post. But what is pathetic is the route he has chosen. Atleast Anuradha had commented about the Sivaji movie and her view on that, where in the mistake IMO was to put that in her company’s website. Had it been on her blog space, it could have been a different case.
But this guy or girl (can’t make out from the picture) has come out with pure racist remarks and way of pronounciation and even proudly bringing in the “you dravidians” “we aryans” – What a load of Crap!! Didn’t believe IBNLIVE has become so substandard. What next, perhaps the author would come up with more insights into the relationships amongst filmstars in the aryan film industry and dravidian film industry or try for something ala casting couch. Or they can start putting some sexy glamourous photographs in their home page. Perhaps would start getting more viewership.

The blogpost is written in such bad taste and the moment you read it, you forget that its not even a personal attack on Rajinikanth, but a direct provokation and insult to all the south indians. The guy/girl(perhaps both) deserves to be kicked in the A$$

January 31, 2007

KBC – Shahrukh or Big B – The Ugly Controversy

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Recently was going through a discussion on Shahrukh vs Amitabh’s KBC in Rediff and one comment caught my eye…. It goes like this “Shahrukh is using Insha Allah frequently on the show and he is promoting Islam!!” Totally taken back, I was shocked to see the penetration of religion (or should I say the misuse of it) into our day to day lives. I have now even doubts that this whole Amitabh vs Shahrukh is being perhaps perceived as a Hindu vs Muslim by many people.

Sincerely feel that a hero fanaticism like Rajini vs Kamal, Vijay vs Ajith, Shahrukh Vs Hrithik, Shahrukh vs Amitabh, Mammooty vs Mohanlal is any day better the Hindu/Muslim clash. Instead unfortunately, yet another one of Politician’s tricks to survive (Religion) seems to be flourishing day after day. Sigh……

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