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July 8, 2005


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Blossomed in the minds of our ancestors,
Now we have many many forms of God;
His stories have been real braintwisters,
for those who never ever believe in Lord.
‘He who believeth in God never fails’,
-words said by those who believeth him;
Here the woes & miseries forever ails,
the powerful Almighty being still Grim.
Yet this universe still proves to be a mystery,
Theories on it’s evolution growing great;
there is perhaps one who owns all this mastery,
the topic which might lead to a debate!
Call him by any, any one name,
which may never alter his fame.

July 6, 2005

My India

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Here sown by the creator’s hand,
In the best of ranks, our India Stand!
No other place is honoured so,
No other lands our glory know.
The greatest of earth’s beauty places,
with a few dozens of the very good races;
This is our temple vaulted high,
Here we pause with reverend eye!
With silent tongue and awe-struck soul,
For here we sense life’s proper goal;
To be like us,bright,good and fine,
will make the WORLD, like INDIA, a shrine.
Look and learn,Oh! remaining world,
because India is built in a better mould!

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