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April 17, 2008

Kuruvi – Flies FAAAAAST!!

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Happy New Year – A good attempt of rap + folk mixing. The rap bit in the song resembles Pettai Rap very much. The lyrics are really cute and the ‘You know you know’ bit is too good 😎 . The song’s picturisation in Malaysia together with the Malay lyrics add to the glamour – different kinda song. Picturisation should decide the hit factor. Awesome voice by the hot Sunidhi Chauhan in the song

Dandanaa Darna – The intro song for Vijay sung by a newcomer (Sangeeth) is catchy after a few hearings. Should be a big hit with the children and would definitely be a chartbuster with the Vijay dance factor added in

Thaen Thaen – Only melody in the otherwise fast based album. I feel like i have heard this song already – cant recall where. If this would be a hit in the Kandaen Kandaen (Madurai) mould is anybody’s guess 😀

Palaanadhu – Thought for a moment its a Himesh song with Vidyasagar singing in his nasal. Attempts for a punjabi song (perhaps a situational song) gone wrong. This one could be a dark horse song though with the picturisation. A funky type of song.

Theme Music – Rap in this song is AWESOME!! Was not so impressed with the ‘appadi podu’ techno mix in the song. Guess would be used in fight sequences in the movie

Mozha Mozhanu – the yamma yamma bit for some reason reminds me of ‘Ek lo Ek Muft‘ (no offense to the original). Song is in full fast mood and in one different kinda rhythm. Gotto see picturisation of the song – cant imagine the dance style for this yet 😳

Overall an album with a possibility of 3 chartbusters mainly dependent on Vijay and the BO status of the movie. Compared to an album like ATM, Kuruvi is very different, but songs definitely would be a bigger hit than the former, that’s for SURE!! Definite hit with the B/C Centres.

Also all the songs are only about 4 minutes or so effectively reducing atleast 10 minutes of the film, its gonna be a racy one for sure!!

Update : After multiple can’t get enough of Happy New Year and Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice – the girl ROCKS – ‘you know you know you know’ 😛

April 15, 2008

Kuruvi – Album on the way

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Kuruvi is all set to fly high. The expectations on the album are very high after the blockbuster album Gilli and the combination of Vijay/Dharani/Vidyasagar is going to be rocking. Going by the promo stills and news in the web, the songs should be all fast based and it would be very lucky if we get atleast one melody. I liked all songs in Gilli – but hope atleast one melody is IN since Vidyasagar gives very nice melodies. Also in the news is a song by Yogi B (Polladhavan ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ Fame) – so with all these factors my expectations are very high on this album. Gotto wait and see 😀

updated : Above is the CD image and looks like no intro song – yet to listen to the songs and would post a review after that. Songs should also be available for download pretty soon in the web as is the trend nowadays. Can’t wait to listen to the songs!!!

April 2, 2008

Remake Theory

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I absolutely loved the Malayalam movie ‘Udhayanaanu Tharam’ by Srinivasan and Mohanlal and hence was eagerly looking forward to Vellithirai – its remake starring Prithviraj and Prakashraj. Was expecting a good movie since remakes in my mind are not the XEROX copies churned out Remake Ravi/Raja family – those guys shamelessly copy the same dresses/camera angles and what not from its original 😡 . But going by reviews/public response looks like Vellithirai did not live upto its original. One of the highlights in Malayalam was the subtle comedy/inferiority complex of the Prakashraj character played by Srinivasan (also the screenplay writer). After seeing some of the scenes in TV channels, looks like the Prakashraj character is changed as someone who has superiority complex or high confidence which IMO could be one of the reasons for the movie’s downfall. Am yet to catch the movie – gotto do maybe this weekend.

Another factor is that the Original had wonderful songs. In Tamil, music is by G V Prakash but only Uyirilae and to some extent Sooriyanai was above average. And it looks like Sooriyanai is also a shameless copy from an Australian song – More details at ITWOF site. With his Minnalgal Koothadum from Polladhavan also being a lift, am beginning to wonder if G V Prakash is going the right way. The kid usually comes up with wonderful melodies, would prefer him sticking to Original compositions. With Kuselan another remake from Malayalam with SS Rajini and coincidentally yet another script of Srinivasan coming up, hope he gives a smashing album.

August 26, 2005

A Aa – Aaaahaaaa

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can’t believe i posted this a few days back!Ah Aah rocks… having listened to Oru Naal Oru Kanavu, Oru Kallooriyin Kadhai, Thotti Jeya, Kanda Naal Mudhal and also the much talked about Ghajini… understood why A R Rahman is in a league of his own…..
Somehow all songs of Ghajini has that “have heard that already” feel… the X-Machi song is so familiar to me but not able to figure out where I have heard it … the Oru Maalai song from Karthik is so similar to the song in Minnalae… Ah Aah songs are far too better than all these in the way that all the songs atleast have a different kind of a feel… Not Rahman’s best…. but is one of the season’s best…… hope S J Suryah doesn’t get into tooo much of issues and atleast gets this movie out soon b4 the songs run out of batteries……. these 6 songs are the ones which are looping in my player….

July 21, 2005

"A Aa"– Oh Oh

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listening to A Aa now gives me a Oh Oh!! i loved Mangal Pandey more than this!!! Being a craaaaaaazy Rahman fan I couldn’t find any of his touches in any of the songs sadly……. true Rahman songs takes times to register but atleast one song has touched a chord for me in all of his movies till date…..this one didnt 😦 I dont like Ajith but still eagerly now awaiting Godfather……… NEW film songs were too goood……..
I found Varugiraaye and Marankothiye listenable … sincerely hoping that the songs gets onto me ……

Mayilaragae seems to the saving grace in this album!!

May 19, 2005

Adhu ellam pazhaya kaalam

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Music synonyms to Ilayaraja…. that seems to be a thing of the past .. atleast thts wht most of his current music album releases has to say … “Magical duo back with magic” says and in a hurry i checked out the songs only to be confused as to whether the site was referring to this movie indeed… Album has a songs reminding you of Friends and AgniNatchathiram and then there is this song which Ilayaraja himself has rendered… .. Balumahendra seems to have got it wrong this time.. atleast thts wht i feel and hope that when the movie releases i am made to eat my own words back! Where is the magic this legend is known to give to the audience….. Yuvan’s Arindhum Ariyaamalum seems to be far better than this one!

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