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May 14, 2008

Why Royal Old Monks didn’t win?!

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Just imagine a similar situation for the Royal Old Monks had they won some games. Rahul Dravid, being the perfect student of the game and knowing well in advance of all this, wisely chose to not win continuous games for his side. Katrina giving a kiss would have been more than tempting for Dravid, but imagine Vijay Mallya on his hips – would have been disastrous 😳 😳 .

Hereby, salute Mr. Rock Solid Rahul Dravid for his Exxxtra Senselessry Perception

April 2, 2008

Back in Shape

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With some new found enthu to grow hair to match Remo/Dhoni etc my haircuts have been less off late – around 6 times for the past year or so in Singapore. And most of these visits have been an adventure. First time passed as a good one with a young guy doing a very good job on the hair cut. Satisfied with that I went to the same place second time around only to be faced by one old grandpa with no signs of the young guy who cut the first time. And my worse moment was yet to come. I told the grandpa to cut the hair to a minimum and to leave the hair at the back to a long distance and to jus trim it. He had ideas of his own and started cutting it and worse was he made it very very short and at the end had a statement to make ‘this only suits you’ — 😈
So having had that experience I decided to venture into a chinese territory with my head. Just after my office went in search of a good place nearby and found a stylish haircut salon. The guy inside looked like a wierdo – it was enuf warning signs which i didnt take and assumed him to be trendy and went in. I tol him that I need a haircut and sat down and he was cool enuf and started off with the job. After about 2-3 minutes of it, he started asking me in sign language on how long the hair should be cut, if am ok with this area etc – then only i realised that the guy didnt know english and only chinese 😦 well the rest of my haircut went on with me struggling to escape from there with a half decent hair and he trying his best to impress me with his work. That was when i decided to not go to a chinese place anymore, it was going to be only indian from now on.
so it was an indian shop in ‘little india’ the next time and well as always this was even worse than the rest. the guy was so drunk and was rude pushing my head to some random position as he feels and i felt like i was in thirupathi getting myself a free head shave. the trouble with such haircuts is that you cant even getup half way through. after all this i should have had the common sense and did the stuff on my own, but bein more of the adventorous kind, i went to the hair stylist lady in our vicinity. as it turned out she was also one chinese person and though it was not as bad as the previous times I was left wondering where I should have my next haircut.

And when yesterday was one of the days i decided to get it done again I was perplexed and scared at the same time of finding a good place to go. A long walk in the little india road showed me a couple of places and none of which impressed. Atlast one good looking place was there and I entered it – jus after entering i realised that all the people sitting outside the place was like above 50 or so and the people inside (only few too) were like quite old. For a moment I decided to walk out and run for my life err hair – then decided against it. I did a great thing by not running away coz the grandpa who cut my hair did a fabulous job. He infact found it so difficult to get rid of the imprints my prev haircut adventures from my head. Background la sivaji movie ‘Deiva Magan’ was runnin on the TV – how matching to the situation LOL. Kudos to you – Long live the grandpa at New Star Hairdressing Saloon opp the Mariamman temple, Lil India 😛

October 18, 2007

Is this also racism? Symonds? :-)

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April 5, 2007

First Match for Team India after World Cup

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September 20, 2006

Nice One

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April 4, 2006


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A Hutch banner says …..

ISD Rates slashed upto 53%…

No Conditions Apply…

I always get amused at hoardings with big letters stating some nice offers with a * right next to it. At the bottom in smallest font would be THE words “Conditions Apply”. But this ad of Hutch was different though the word UPTO is a culprit in that not stating the effective rates!!!

October 3, 2005

US of the A

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A signboard in the US of the A!!!

September 15, 2005


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Am out of words really… the pop up blocker is supposed to block them and instead it gives me an info saying its blocked it with a popup again…whew!

September 8, 2005

Say Cheeeeeese………

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pls click to enlarge……

August 29, 2005

Collaboration :-)

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