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July 6, 2008


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Been on a short break from blogging with too many things happening on the personal side.

For starters, Fizzy‘s view from home aint this anymore

instead he gets to see the other doggies taking a walk 🙂 and ofcourse gets to bark at em to his mouthful. Its a bigger/better house though the pool view is gone – but with Jr set to stamp his foot this coming week, moving to this house was the sensible decision to take. Fizzy has already proof checked Jr’s crib and bath tub.

He has not yet tested the stroller though – it can wait he says.

So the wait of more than 9.5 months is done and its just a max of one week (cud be jus a couple of days too) to go – exciting times ahead, lots to blog about and hoping that i get to shed some kgs of my tummy looking after the kiddo LOL.

March 31, 2008

Hello World, says Jr :)

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Me back to blogging now and a change of ambience from blogspot to wordpress to coincide a change of ambience from a young guy to a father-to-be 😉

been jus a few days since we got back from the 22 wks scan for S and the baby is doin really really good – yup Jr on the way by Jul End 😎
it was really a great great feel to see our Jr push its legs and do all kinda dance shows up on the scan screen for us. the doc took all measurements for Jr and was satisfied putting a happy full stop to all our anxious moments. we got to hear the heartbeats plus the rush of blood from placenta to the baby and then saw the legs/spine/hands/face etc – whoa – heavenly feel!!!

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