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July 6, 2008


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Been on a short break from blogging with too many things happening on the personal side.

For starters, Fizzy‘s view from home aint this anymore

instead he gets to see the other doggies taking a walk 🙂 and ofcourse gets to bark at em to his mouthful. Its a bigger/better house though the pool view is gone – but with Jr set to stamp his foot this coming week, moving to this house was the sensible decision to take. Fizzy has already proof checked Jr’s crib and bath tub.

He has not yet tested the stroller though – it can wait he says.

So the wait of more than 9.5 months is done and its just a max of one week (cud be jus a couple of days too) to go – exciting times ahead, lots to blog about and hoping that i get to shed some kgs of my tummy looking after the kiddo LOL.

April 2, 2008

April 1 huh?

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What’s the big deal on April 1 and making a fool of someone, huh? There was an article in msn stating Sachin tendulkar is retiring from Test cricket to make way for youngsters hoping for some guys to fall for the prank. I must say that the timing of that article was perfect with him being not available for the second test match and Kaif being roped into the team. There have been millions such pranks being played all over the world for sure – all in good fun and perhaps its a day to laugh at our foolishness.

well it was celebrated well by my mom who did make a big fool of myself too 😀

July 18, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – A Fairy tale ending?

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3 more days to go and the whole world is wanting to know what the 7th book is going to unravel. Petitions flying on broomsticks to Rowling to not kill Harry and a million fans breaking their head on what is R.A.B and 10 million pounds on the security on the book — Its Potter time again.

With the arrival of the next blockbuster of the movie series, it has started off an euphoria of sorts and the HP fever. IMO, neither Harry nor Ron nor Hermoine are going to be killed in the 7th book. Its going to be end of fairy tale series where everyone happily lived ever after and from what we saw of Draco Malfoy in the final moments of Half Blood Prince, even he is going to be friends with Harry and group. It is going to be marriage time of Ron and Hermoine and Harry and Ginny and ofcourse Bill and Fleur. And yeah, Harry would be having a son whom he would be naming as James in remembrance of his father.

As for R.A.B it is going to be ofcourse Regulus Black as many of you would have already guessed.

November 3, 2005

Did you miss me? (I Guess not)

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whew! a loooong break from blogging and commenting……. busy with work is one nice reason to give 🙂 but more than that it was cos of lack of access to system… now i have some arrangements and its blogging time 🙂

Rain sweeping shores and lives in Chennai and Mumbai and babes like Katrina to Wilma paying US a visit and earthquake in Pakistan and Kashmir — what is the world coming to? am not a particular believer of D-Day and other stuff.. but its really heartbreaking to see such stuff going around us! it always gives me a vague thought….. what are we doing right now.. this moment! we long for weekends to come and we so anxiously wait for that moment we would meet our long missed friends and eagerly await the day we find out first love and what not…. but what happened to all these kinda people who were in Florida, Pakistan, Mumbai and parts of Tamilnadu….. all left for them is memories or if not all left are their memories…….

anyways bygone is bygone……. atleast one thing i got reassured of this was enjoy each and every moment of your life.. and have as much as fun as you can….
to all people visiting here Wish you all a Happy Diwali (a lil late i am) and Eid Mubarak….

October 10, 2005

A moment of silence Please….

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In memory of hundreds of thousands of people being affected after the chain of events since last December till this Quake

September 30, 2005


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Yahooooooooooooooooooooooo i got my Sony DSC H1 camera finallyyyyyy after so much of brain(??!!) storming….
I haven’t been finding much of topics to write off late and well here comes the savior .. lemme try and post some good snaps from now on!

September 12, 2005


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well.. this article gave me something to thnk about….
Gossips – Does it give the mind happiness and peace of having scolded the bosses and the co-workers with ur fellow gossipers….. or does it leave you with a guilt in ur mind … or does it give a wrong impression about the person you gossipped to the people who were talking with you…. tricky.. but all three are true! i used to think %&%&#& of people who talked bad abt someone when they werent there… the immediate thought tht went into my head was “well if i aint there wud they talk of me the same way” … tht was when i initially joined job… now i look at gossiping like a whining club (nope this has no reference to the marina laughter club) … its more of bartender** job taken in swaps… and interestingly in most cases ppl who tend to be in that group would be of same or similar levels in the organization (am limited myself to office gossips .. don’t even wanna go into the other ones!! )…
to think about it, it gives u immense satisfaction after having talked about something which was irritating you for some time with someone who is also completely aware of the situation (discussing the same with kith and kin jus gets u empathy coz they cant REALLY put themselves into your shoes — though they do it with more love and sincerity than in the above case 😉 ).. but at the same time talking ill of someone is not something i prefer…. well i can hear you guys say, now cut the crap, tell your point and don’t waste our time.. the point is that I feel gossips do make me happy (the thought gives me creeps) but at the same time if those gossips go beyond the whinings and get into jealousy and unethical competition then am not into it! my gossips have always been limited to office things which i have not been able to say openly out in public….. and at times its a boon coz the things discussed reach the people to whom it was intended originally without even you actually telling them …

** — “For ppl who didn’t know the role of a sophisticated bartender is to be able to listen, communicate and empathize”

September 7, 2005


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September 6, 2005

Me the Perplexed :-/

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Sony or Canon.. 🙄
i have been literally breaking my head over choosing a good digi camera for some days now… as for now my decision is fixed on the Sony one, coz of its zoom and the LCD size… but price is wht is making me hesitant 😦 … My friend recommends Konica Minolta with similar optical zoom and for a better price range too!…..
huh, If only there was a free trial for Digicams like free test drives ;-))
Friends, help me out if you have any other good choices……

August 23, 2005


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seems to be the time for Chennai to break all barriers.. first i read this post on ILC in Guru (Lazy Geek)’s site and then this news came in one of the forward mails… Least polluted??! (though shud admit its hard to believe for me) .. ..
Chennai Rocks :mrgreen:

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