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April 14, 2008


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No No – I didnt get a cake like this yet 😦

Lotsa hugs and kisses but no cake yet 😈 mmmmm, I looooooooove cakes

April 3, 2008

I’m not that innocent

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well dont let those looks fool you – the guy aint as innocent as he looks. Picture this – daily, he would wait anxiously till about 9:30 PM or so for my Mom to go to sleep (he sleeps in my mom’s room and he is scared to sleep alone 😛 ) and if the clock goes ticking beyond that, then he is pissed. How does he show it to us – well, he has a tray full of soft toys kept in the living room, so he goes near it with a growl and then picks a toy from there (and he has choices in that too, sometimes picks the wrong one and then with another growl throws this away and picks another) and then with a series of noises indicating his dissent, runs towards the bed room all along ensuring that my mom is following him. If she isn’t then he stares at us with a ‘now, what?’ face.

One of the best such incidents in the past was when I was instructing my Mom to keep away all his eatables/chews outside the bedroom coz he eats them thru the night. So she moved his chews and plate outside to the living room and was setting the bed ready. He stealthily came out of the bedroom towards the living room as though he was taking a stroll and then came slowly near the chews, took a couple of em and ran away as fast as he could into the room and promptly hid them on his bed. Gotto capture a video of that when he does something similar again!!

July 15, 2005


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he is our house’s sweet lil darling…….. Click to see more abt him…

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