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May 14, 2008

Why Royal Old Monks didn’t win?!

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Just imagine a similar situation for the Royal Old Monks had they won some games. Rahul Dravid, being the perfect student of the game and knowing well in advance of all this, wisely chose to not win continuous games for his side. Katrina giving a kiss would have been more than tempting for Dravid, but imagine Vijay Mallya on his hips – would have been disastrous 😳 😳 .

Hereby, salute Mr. Rock Solid Rahul Dravid for his Exxxtra Senselessry Perception

May 13, 2008

The IPL Experience

Offlate, most of my sleep has been deprived thanks to IPL (matches start at 10:30 PM for us here). It has brought out a lot of wonderful moments – Who can forget the Ponting celebrating with Ishant (even had an instance of him running all the way from slips to share something with him) in the first ever match and what about the sixes by Shane Warne off Symonds to win the game in the last over. My support for Dhoni went all the more up after his support to Sivamani during the incident at Bangalore (For the less informed, Bengalooru security guy dismantled Sivamani’s drums etc when he wanted to perform inside the ground after the match – maybe he didnt know who Sivamani was or was too bitter about their TEST T20 team 😆 )

Elsewhere Sreesanth after deservedly getting the slap from Harbhajan has been performing very well after that (Psst. From now, whenever sree is not doing his best all we need is someone to slap him). And before I forget, a special mention to the Cheerleaders, esp of Bangalore and now recently Jaipur 😛 and also the cute girl from Chennai Superkings (Couldn’t get foto 😦 ). Deccan Cheerleaders haven’t been bad either but poor girls have nothing to cheer about.

Not surprisingly the teams with the best or should i say innovative/fearless captains have topped the table like Chennai with Dhoni, Rajasthan with Warne, Delhi with Sehwag and Kolkatta with Dada‘s magic slowly catching up. yeah, Punjab too is on top but the credit of that need not go to Mr.Attitude Yuvi nor to Priety who has been hugging everyone in the squad except Sreesanth, no wonder he is crying hoarse. Shaun Marsh (along with Pathan/Bajji’s slap to Sreesanth) deserves that credit. He has been playing neat and wonderful cricketing shots with almost no slogging and its been a treat to watch.

And IPL has now given VVS a hairline fracture making it convenient for him to sit out of the remaining matches and let Gillie handle the embarassment – if only he had done that earlier, Deccan ‘Dischargers‘ might have found a way through to the top. Coz with Gillie’s captaincy somehow EVEN the ‘kill-me-i-wont-get-runs-but-waste-deliveries-Venugopal Rao’ is hitting boundaries. The less I write about Bangalore Old Monks err ‘Royal Challengers’ the better. Enough posts on them and their ‘I-have-constipation-Rahul-Dravid’ are over the web. Watching L Balaji a.ka. ‘Naayudu’ get a hatrick for Chennai has been one more pleasant memory from IPL – having played for some time with him and him being my friend’s friend, it was even more heartwarming 🙂

Now the tournament is interestingly poised with Rajasthan/Chennai almost set to enter the Semis with most likely Delhi and Punjab to follow suit unless Kolkatta/Mumbai spoil the party which should be interesting to see. Since Sachin is set to return for the match against CSK it should be a fabulous sight to watch him play alongside Sanath Jayasuriya.

April 23, 2008

Dasavatharam Fever at its PEAK!!

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Who cares if Delhi and Hyderabad were battling each other at the IPL – the news of Dasa trailer being telecast in Kalaignar TV was enough to keep me awake 🙂 . With no telecast of Kalaignar TV here, had no option but to wait for the Trailer to be uploaded to Youtube by some kind souls and finally at about 1AM the rocking trailer was up.

The opening scenes itself was enough to create the euphoria – top notch. Coming from Devisriprasad, I was more than surprised that the BGM (one specially for the trailer I guess) was awesome. The trailer was moving so fast with so many frames, perhaps to not reveal the 10 characters, but at the same time keeping up the interest of the audience. Thanks to continuous pausing and playing in YouTube and other video tools, I have tried my best to unravel the 10 characters Kamal is playing 😛

The 16th century scenes, esp the scene where Nambi and the statue are taken along in the boat (to drown in the sea perhaps) is magnificent. Tsunami scenes/the king’s place etc and a lot more scenes showcase the film’s class – Cinematography is Brilliant. Guess I might be soon running out of adjectives LOL. This is one movie to look forward to and in all probabilty could be THE Movie to change the way, World (forget North India – they were never a competition 😛 ) looks at Tamil Cinema. Especially after the collections of Sivaji and the mass reach it had, TFI needs also a movie in the calibre of Dasa to showcase its potential. Kudos to Kamal and all others for the effort put in and cannot wait for May 2nd or 3rd Weekend release of the movie.

All along during the umpteen times of watching the trailer, one thought running non-stop through my mind was ‘if only ARR was associated with this’!! – Hope Marmayogi fills that void

April 18, 2008

IPL – A Dream Start

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The perfect start to IPL, one which Pawar/Lalit Modi & the entire BCCI would have dreamt of. The opening ceremony went on really nice and the rope dance was really impressive, equally eye-grabbing was the fireworks.

Dravid won the toss and surprisingly put Kolkatta into bat. What one was to witness next was perhaps the best ever innings of power hitting. Mc Cullum hit 13 Sixes and scored 158 (highest ever in T20). SRK with his cheerleading squad of Arjun Rampal/Karan Johar (their cheerleading girls look so ugly and who wants to watch these guys – SRK, borrow the cheerleaders from Mallya 😈 ) had enough time to jump up and over the boundary lines. Katrina in to cheer BRC with the insistence of Mallya was left with nothing to cheer, LOL. Royal Challengers did not even bother to challenge the score and were dismissed for 82. Thank God the gorgeous cheerleaders from Bangalore cheered Kolkatta too giving enough reasons to watch the one-sided match.

IPL is here to stay. Also being in Singapore had its own advantages. Ad free telecast is any cricket lover’s dream and that’s what we got 😛 Wonderful experience and 43 more such days – I AM THRILLED is an understatement

April 2, 2008

April 1 huh?

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What’s the big deal on April 1 and making a fool of someone, huh? There was an article in msn stating Sachin tendulkar is retiring from Test cricket to make way for youngsters hoping for some guys to fall for the prank. I must say that the timing of that article was perfect with him being not available for the second test match and Kaif being roped into the team. There have been millions such pranks being played all over the world for sure – all in good fun and perhaps its a day to laugh at our foolishness.

well it was celebrated well by my mom who did make a big fool of myself too 😀

October 18, 2007

Is this also racism? Symonds? :-)

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September 14, 2007

Dravid resigns as India captain

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Rahul Dravid has resigned as India captain with immediate effect. In a letter written to the Indian board, he has asked to be relieved of the captaincy before Australia’s forthcoming tour of India, beginning later this month.

A statement from Niranjan Shah, secretary of the Indian board, said Dravid met Sharad Pawar, the board president, in New Delhi yesterday. He “expressed his desire to step down as captain of the Indian team and requested that he should not be considered for the job from the ensuing Australia series.”

The statement said Dravid wanted to concentrate on his game.

For more Cricinfo

Atlast, he decided to step down – if only he had done this some years back, it would have been highly beneficial for Indian Cricket. Let’s see what BCCI does now – hopefully they dont bring back Sachin as the captain – that would again take back Indian team to rock bottom if they aren’t already there. We gotto see this twenty-twenty tournament and take some lessons out of it and then get Yuvraj or Dhoni to captain the Indian team. Get young blood as much as possible. Improve the fielding. Saurav/Sachin/Dravid are not going to be in the team till next world cup for sure. So please dont again give back the captaincy to them. This is not a bad time to experiment. New coach + New Captain – Chak de India

April 5, 2007

First Match for Team India after World Cup

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September 2, 2005

India Triumphs!!

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When most people (men shud i say) are still eyes-locked on Sania in US Open (and the pic here), it was a pleasant surprise when Kaif gave India a good win by scoring a century… this guy is goood! I like the way he scores runs most times even when he comes so low down the order.. .. and now up the order and wow what a good innings!!
btw, u all didnt want the kaif pic here rite.. so i went for the obvious 😛
As of Sania is almost into face Sharapova with a 7-6/4-3 Lead against Bartoli!! That’s coool……. (Update: Sania wins 7-6/6-4 wow!!)

Its a terrific feeling to see India triumphing everywhere…. sigh “if only this everywhere meant more”

August 16, 2005

Wow!! What a match

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The very fact that Australia were battling out for the last 24 balls to get the test to a draw gives ample evidence of how established this new England outfit has become. The weather and Shane Warne played the spoilsport I guess, but it was a wonderful test match nevertheless with Australia almost chasing the highest fourth innings score ever scored by any team and were even looking like getting em with Ponting going great guns…….
But once he got out and it was 24 balls to be played out by Brett Lee and the great McGrath it was a great climax in the making for the third test match…. Brett Lee played out the first 6 balls of Flintoff and gave Steve Harmison a chance to hit at McGrath and the latter did manage to survive 6 balls…. that sure was one thrilling over and when Brett Lee played out the next 5 balls from Flintoff calmly the requirement for England was 1 wicket to take 7 balls to go… Brett Lee played the last ball from Flintoff hoping for a single and as irony would have it the ball went to the fence for a four……. Last six balls and McGrath to play it out to save Aussies the embarassment…. he did that smartly enough by giving the strike to Lee for the last three balls…… the speedster wasn’t going to give up at that point of time and he led Australia to Victo..err.. Draw!! The series stays at 1-1 and lets see who has the last laugh……

This was a treat for me to watch after being on the losing end of all such thrills for so many years now .. courtesy : Dayanidhi Maran and Set Top Box….

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