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July 6, 2008


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Been on a short break from blogging with too many things happening on the personal side.

For starters, Fizzy‘s view from home aint this anymore

instead he gets to see the other doggies taking a walk 🙂 and ofcourse gets to bark at em to his mouthful. Its a bigger/better house though the pool view is gone – but with Jr set to stamp his foot this coming week, moving to this house was the sensible decision to take. Fizzy has already proof checked Jr’s crib and bath tub.

He has not yet tested the stroller though – it can wait he says.

So the wait of more than 9.5 months is done and its just a max of one week (cud be jus a couple of days too) to go – exciting times ahead, lots to blog about and hoping that i get to shed some kgs of my tummy looking after the kiddo LOL.


  1. Hi Directhit,

    Hope you are doing great. This mail/post/comment is about my Naan kadavul song translation which you have posted in this link – I know you have done this just to mention it to a fellow friend. I appreciate you referring my blog also in that page.

    But, even then, it’s like copying the content and placing it elsewhere :). It might result finally from the original post being circulated across the internet. Although the purpose is right, the way it was done might be wrong.

    You could have done it after getting my permission. Or else, you could have just referred my blog there. Initially, when I saw your comment that you were looking out for this, I didn’t know that the post will be published elsewhere.

    Hope I have cleared it. I expect you to remove the post from mayyam. My mail is purely on the basis of good will, just to avoid plagiarism, committed knowingly or unknowingly.

    Thanks. Expecting your reply

    Rajesh Giriraajan.

    PS:- I have corrected that part our friend suggested (Yomakesa). 🙂 I’ve also made a few new corrections.

    Comment by Rajesh — January 9, 2009 @ 1:53 pm | Reply

  2. Dear Directhit,

    Thanks for the immediate response. It is greatly appreciated.

    Rajesh Giriraajan.

    Comment by Rajesh — January 9, 2009 @ 8:04 pm | Reply

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