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July 29, 2005


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weekeend hurrayyyyyyyyyy…………. not much of work to do! he he this is to imply that i was working hard the whole weeeeeeeeek 🙂 …….

July 27, 2005

CM na kokkaa!!

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I have been getting quite a few forwards on the achievements of chandramukhi and so on… but lil cud i believe this news….. a fan of Rajini has watched the movie every day for the first 100 days….. whoa! thts quite an achievement i wud say….but mm wud the guy’s family too say the same! thts quite a different story!!


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Yet another of the forwards… but a nice one! Narayanan Sir kavidhai pottila Sathya‘vukku pottiyaa idha anuppidalaamonu oru nanaps dhaan ;-))

July 21, 2005

"A Aa"– Oh Oh

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listening to A Aa now gives me a Oh Oh!! i loved Mangal Pandey more than this!!! Being a craaaaaaazy Rahman fan I couldn’t find any of his touches in any of the songs sadly……. true Rahman songs takes times to register but atleast one song has touched a chord for me in all of his movies till date…..this one didnt 😦 I dont like Ajith but still eagerly now awaiting Godfather……… NEW film songs were too goood……..
I found Varugiraaye and Marankothiye listenable … sincerely hoping that the songs gets onto me ……

Mayilaragae seems to the saving grace in this album!!

July 15, 2005


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he is our house’s sweet lil darling…….. Click to see more abt him…

July 13, 2005

Ambi V Ganguly V Anniyan

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Ambi: Mr ganguly y r u shouting at the umpire, after u have been declared out ??? athu satapadi thapu

Ganguly:dey kudumi, naa yaar theriyuma bengal tiger appidithan kathuven.

Ambi:kenya,bangaldesh kooda century adikirale australia,pakistan na 1 bathroom poralae y?

Ganguly:naan dhadha da , thevayana apo matum than aaduven.

Ambi: mr ganguly captains like ponting, inzy, smith ellarum century adichu team jeyika vaikara ,aana neengo aadave maatiringale?

Ganguly:dey kudumi,athan sachin, dravid, sehwag ellam century adikiraanungala apuram naan yethuku adikanum

Ambi: alatchiyama pesathingo Mr ganguly, aduthava talentla fame gain pandrathu thapu!!

Gnaguly:poda kudumi, yenake advice pandriya @#%@^#$%^@$%^$%^$%^

Anniyan:DEY BAADU……….

Ganguly:yaaruga neenga gillespi maathiri hair style vachurikinga???

Anniyan : naan avan ila da yema , yenda run adika ve maatingara,

Ganguly: batting form appo appo vanthutu pogum, cricketla ithellam sagajam thanaga…..

Anniyan : ippidi soli thapichidalaamnu paakiriya…..

Anniyan: 5 run edutha thapa?????????

Ganguly:onum thapu ilinga……

Anniyan: 5 matchla 5 run edutha thapa?????????

Ganguly:thapu maari thanga theriyuthu……….

Anniyan: 5 varushama 5 5 matcha 5 run edutha thapa?????????

Ganguly: periya thapu thaanga………..

Anniyan: kamunati athathanda oruoru matchalayum nee panikitu iruka

Anniyan: unakellam ballbojanam thanda, nee than stump akthar,sami,lee,mcgrath ellarum una vachuthan bowling practice panaporaanga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer : This was one of those forwards with a tagline “forward to 100 people to earn 5 Paise or else you would have ur own posts read again and again to u” .. fearing the later i promptly posted this here…..

July 12, 2005

He He He…

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Read the following in IOIIO‘s site 😉

Pinathai kondu vaa
paadaiyil padukka vai
sillarai kondu vaa
nethiyil pottu vai

indru mudhal izhavu!

indru mudhal izhavuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
engappanukku selavuuuuuuuuuuuuu

July 8, 2005


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Blossomed in the minds of our ancestors,
Now we have many many forms of God;
His stories have been real braintwisters,
for those who never ever believe in Lord.
‘He who believeth in God never fails’,
-words said by those who believeth him;
Here the woes & miseries forever ails,
the powerful Almighty being still Grim.
Yet this universe still proves to be a mystery,
Theories on it’s evolution growing great;
there is perhaps one who owns all this mastery,
the topic which might lead to a debate!
Call him by any, any one name,
which may never alter his fame.

July 6, 2005

My India

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Here sown by the creator’s hand,
In the best of ranks, our India Stand!
No other place is honoured so,
No other lands our glory know.
The greatest of earth’s beauty places,
with a few dozens of the very good races;
This is our temple vaulted high,
Here we pause with reverend eye!
With silent tongue and awe-struck soul,
For here we sense life’s proper goal;
To be like us,bright,good and fine,
will make the WORLD, like INDIA, a shrine.
Look and learn,Oh! remaining world,
because India is built in a better mould!


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its really pathetic to see attacks on temples and mosques by terrorists for the sole reason of starting a chaos in the country……. and to top it all the state government blames the central government… the opposition blames the ruling gov… its high time all this is stopped and some serious action is taken against such stuff…… politicians dont waste any opportunities such as this to make a nice publicity for themselves…. but at the end the people are left to distress…….

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