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June 24, 2005

Anniyan – Awesome!!

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well its been a looong gap and it needed something like this to push me to writing…… am talking about ANNIYAN!!
standing in the queue in the early hours of Tuesday, 14th jun… we all got the tickets for Anniyan at Satyam for the first day … thrilled we were would be an understatement coz all of us at home were listening to anniyan songs daily from the day we got our tickets to keep the tempo rising and rising (though the fact remains that it wud have beeen more thrilling for me if it was A.R.R) … come friday and we were there promptly on time bunking our work 😉
Review on the movie is already available in plenty of sites i dont wanna bore u guys with the same stuff again.. but whew i cant stop talking on Shankar and Vikram’s brilliance….. right after the movie, someone asked me what would be shankar’s movie’s theme… coz he has almost dealt with all the things which irritate us on a daily basis…. each of us keep seeing such things done by public on a daily basis and none of us bother to go in and do something about it…. well i am also one amongst of the guilty :-((…. hope an anniyan is born amongst us Indians…. some idiotic fools do need heavy doses of the same stuff to atleast start following some of it……….
the biggest letdown i felt in the movie was its music and the BGM…. probably b’coz am a die hard fan of A.R.R i didnt find it to my liking….. felt that Rahman would have taken the movie to the HIGHEST level… one thing i was happy was that when split personality was handled in the poorest of fashions relating it to ghosts etc in Chandramukhi, “Anniyan” and Shankar has handled MPD in a wonderful way…. hats off…….

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