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May 24, 2005

"Jo Bole… " — So?

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am back after hols… thought of posting something cool but well well well the happenings in our country seldom allow space for that …………….
its ridiculous to see such happenings in our country which is hailed as a country supporting multiple religions…. if this is the way we are gonna support multi religions we can as well dont support it at all …. well am talking abt the blasts in the theatres if you guys havent figured it yet …… and out here in our place its all issues with English names for movies / no violence in movies etc……. violence and politics seems to be synonyms but these politicians doesn’t miss one opportunity to condemn anyone else using their copyrighted stuff i guess …. now as a common man u tend to question ! why such a fuss over all this stuff! what if the religious slogan was used in the title of a movie? what if violence is shown in movie…. u as a citizen of an INDEPENDENT nation decide what and what not to watch ? isn’t it? who gives the religious parties and the politicians the rights to decide what is right for the general public? these sort of things makes us all think “Are we in a peace loving country?” and what is our government doing against all this? Nothing i suppose……… because if they raise their voice against this then the opposition makes use of this to topple the government…… well democracy at its best whew!!!! Here is something more interesting

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